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Mã sản phẩm: PTR2

Metal separator for suction and pressure lines
Full output even during reject due to the incorporated bad material bin and Mesutronic bypass solution. Pressure less bad material reject with the dual gate.

Liên hệ mua hàng: 0913.643.824
Simmple and time-saving operation due to Touch Screen colour display with easy to understand and self-explanatory menu guide. Fast and secure data input using numerical and alpahnumeric keypad (electronics - version 07). Also available: A version with a back-lit LCD Grafic-Display and simple 4 pad operation (electronics - version 05)

Guaranteed protection against unauthorized access regarding the metal separator due to intelligent user-management. Individual right of access only for authorized people with personal login password/user ID (electronnics - version 07). An alternative solution is the three-level-password protection with four-digit code-numbers (electronics - version 05)

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